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Kiowa County

About Kiowa County

Kiowa County has just less than 2500 residents, according to the US Census Bureau. It was founded in 1886 and covers 723 square miles. Its county seat is Greensburg.

Among other things, Kiowa County boasts about the world's largest hand-dug well.

For more information, go to the Kiowa County website or for census statistics about Kiowa County, go to the US Census Bureau's Kiowa County QuickFacts.

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COVID-19 Information

During this COVID-19 time; we will be trying to give you ideas for your family and children to help with the stress level and creative learning ways to keep those young minds engaged.

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We will also be working on putting these items on our website on a special COVID-19 section. This will be a page with continuous updates, so you will want to come back frequently.

We are hoping this is one way to help our community in this time of uncertainty.  As always, you can call our office, email one of us.  We are here to help. Stay safe everyone!