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Environmental issues apply to us all. Whether we are talking about water and air quality or soil and water conservation, these topics apply to us now, and all future generations. K-State Research and Extension is committed to do our part to protect and preserve the environment.

Conservation Tree Planting Program

The Kansas Forest Service Conservation Tree Planting Program provides seedlings, shrubs, and other items for use in conservation plantings. Plantings may function as wildlife habitat, windbreaks, wood lots, timber plantations, or Christmas tree farms, among others. For more information or to order trees and shrubs, please visit their Web site at: https://www.kansasforests.org

Environmental Conservation Information

Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment

Kansas Water Resources Institute

Kansas Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Alternative Crops

Kansas Department of Health and the Environment (KDHE)

Kansas Water Office 

Weather Information

K-State's Weather Data Library